Criminal Defense

Your Life, Your Reputation, Your Future

Mistakes are normal. Everyone makes them. Some are worse than others, and some lead to criminal charges. When this happens, the consequences can be much more than fines and time behind bars. Families fall apart over these things. Careers go down the drain. Reputations are tarnished, and futures are changed forever.

You can choose to let this happen. You can choose to think that it will not be a big deal, or that the prosecutor and judge will go easy on you because you are a good person. Except they do not know you, and they have no reason to care about your future. We do.

Preventing Criminal Charges From Ruining Lives

At Camarata & Marren, LLP in Temecula, California, we realize that good people make mistakes, and we are dedicated to helping you move on from those mistakes. We will get to know your side of the story and work with you to create an effective criminal defense strategy. With your future in jeopardy, you want an attorney by your side who cares about you enough to fight. We have earned a reputation for doing just that.

We fight a wide range of juvenile, misdemeanor and felony charges.

  • We stand up for people accused of drunk driving.
  • We fight to overcome drug offenses of all kinds, from possession to sales.
  • We take on theft charges, including shoplifting.
  • We are skilled at defending against weapons violations.

Whether this is your first offense or you have a three-strikes case, we will mobilize with an aggressive defense strategy.

The Smart Choice

Camarata & Marren, LLP offers experienced, exacting legal services for all areas of criminal law. Our lawyers provide salient legal counsel, guide you through your case and help you move past this incident. We offer free consultations. Call us today at 951-405-5000.