A Common But Serious Offense

Every year, more people are arrested on suspicion of drunk driving than any other criminal offense. In fact, it has become so common that many people do not take these arrests as seriously as they should. All too often, people simply plead guilty, thinking they can just pay a fine and move on. However, that is simply not the way DUI works.

A conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) could lead to much more than a fine. Your driver's license will be suspended. Time behind bars is a real possibility. Then there are the costs that so many people overlook, from paying for court-ordered counseling to covering what could be a big increase in car insurance premiums. If you have been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, you can see that this charge is worth fighting.

Drunk Driving Charges Can Be Fought

Even if you understand why DUI charges are worth fighting, you may think that you do not have a chance. Perhaps you believe your case is cut and dried because a breath or blood test showed you were over the legal limit. But how reliable are those tests?

At Camarata & Marren, LLP in Temecula, California, you will find a lawyer who knows how to address seemingly strong evidence and pursue meaningful results. The truth is that the equipment police use can be misused. It can be poorly maintained, making the results worthless. We will carefully review the situation to see what options are available. Even if we are not able to overcome the charges completely, we may be able to get reduced penalties.

The Smart Choice

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