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How to tell your spouse that you want a divorce

Having a conversation about divorce with your spouse is never easy, even if you both knew the time was coming. It can be painful, emotional, hurtful, upsetting and overwhelming. You are coming to the realization that the marriage has failed and there are no other options left for you to try. Here are some tips for telling your spouse that you want a divorce.

Potential warning signs divorce could be in your future

Divorce is a scary word to utter or to hear your spouse say to you in Temecula. No one wants to admit that their marriage is failing and might not be reparable. If your relationship has been on the rocks recently, you should look for the warning signs associated with divorce that are discussed in today's post.

Selling or keeping the home in divorce: Which option is best?

As with most questions that arise during a divorce, no single answer exists regarding whether to sell or keep the family home. Instead, the topic may lead to many additional questions, which also need answers, before a divorcing couple can reach a decision. Looking at the issue with a realistic viewpoint and with a goal of finding a solution is beneficial in helping California couples choose the best option for their home.

When domestic violence complicates your California divorce

Unless someone has had close personal experience with domestic violence, it can be difficult to understand the issue. Violence, abuse and control frequently complicate nearly all aspects of the lives of those affected. This includes spouses and children as well as those who wanted to engage in violent or controlling behaviors.

Asking the right questions now may help you avoid divorce later

Truly getting to know someone is not always easy, especially for those who are uncomfortable opening up to a new person. A first date is not usually a time when potential couples reveal important lifestyle and personality matters. However, with the right prompts, you may be able to glean details about your date that could save you from divorce down the line.

Fostering a sense of harmony for children of divorce

When divorce enters the picture, the first thing that most parents in California think about is how it will affect the children. Will the kids be okay? Will the divorce change the way they feel about their parents? Will they grow up wishing their parents had stayed together? These are just a few of the questions parents ask as they move forward with their divorce.

Some simple steps to take after a divorce

Every couple that walks down the aisle and says their vows believes that they will be together forever. That's the point of getting married, right? But the fact of the matter is that many marriages ultimately fail, and the divorcing spouses have to go about the legal process of ending their marriage. This can be confusing at first, and the splitting spouses will have a lot of questions about what they are supposed to do.

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