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What to expect when chosen as an executor

If you are ever asked to be the executor of someone's will, you likely aren't sure what to say. Will you be able to handle this situation when the time comes? Why were you chosen? This is a big responsibility that should never be taken lightly. That's why we will discuss what it is you can expect if you are chosen as an executor of a will in California.

How should I choose my power of attorney?

Talking about end-of-life issues is never easy, no matter how open and honest you are with yourself, your spouse or your children. No one wants to imagine life without you, which can make these conversations so difficult to have. One thing is certain, there will come a day when all of these conversations will be put to use. So, how do you choose a power of attorney in Temecula?

How you can use child support payments in California

Child support payments are an important part of life for those who have children but are not in a relationship with the other parent. These payments help parents care for their children on top of what they can provide from their own careers. If you have ever wondered what it is you can use child support payments for in California, you should read through today's post.

What should divorcing spouses know about spousal support?

If you have never had to experience a divorce, there is a good chance that you do not know what to expect. A first time divorce is one of the most emotionally devastating events a person can face. Unfortunately, the enhanced emotional turmoil combined with inexperience can lead to many mistakes, some of which can affect your financial situation.

Learn the many ways family law courts serve Californians

We will begin our blog post with a question. What is family court and what does it do? As its name spells out, this type of court deals with family matters. Typically, a lone judge presides over these cases and no jury is present. Family courts do not handle any other types of court cases, meaning they serve families and families alone. Some of the matters that family law courts handle include:

Improve your family's summer break with these child custody tips

Summer is just around the corner and your kids will soon be out of school and ready for vacation. In divorced families, summer vacation can be a time for stress instead of fun and relaxation. You may have a list of bonding activities you want to share with your kids, but chances are your spouse does, too.

Is a lawyer necessary to adopt stepchildren in California?

One of the great things about living in a modern world is that people can do so many things on their own. American residents now have the ability to address even complex legal matters without having to hire an attorney. While this do-it-yourself approach is beneficial for citizens and for busy family law courts, going it alone is not always the best decision.

Practical tips to help you achieve a child-centered divorce

One of the first things parents in California think about when they decide to divorce is the impact it will have on their kids. Many believe it will devastate them and that there is no way to prevent them from experiencing an onslaught of negative emotions.

What does community property mean in a California divorce?

Community property is an area within the family law field that defines how a couple's property is divided when they get a divorce. As you and your spouse begin to separate from one another in your daily lives, you must also separate or divide any property you have accumulated as a couple.

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