Child Support

Your Money, Your Kids

Kids cost money. From music lessons to after-school sports, from new shoes to braces, it seems our kids always need something. When two parents live together, there is usually more disposable income. When a couple splits, both parents often find themselves with fewer resources.

At Camarata & Marren, LLP, our attorneys understand the balance between wanting to support your children and needing to support yourself. As certified family law specialists, we attempt to come to the best resolutions for all involved, so that the family thrives in its new form.

Experienced, Trusted

The amount of child support parents pay is based on the amount of time the children are with them. A split custody arrangement will result in a lower overall child support payment. An arrangement where one parent has sole physical custody will create a higher child support payment for the noncustodial parent.

Many factors are considered when determining child support. They include each parent's gross income, the number of minor children, both parents' ability to work and whether they are currently underemployed, tax filing status of the parents, amount of time spent with the children and various deductions such as union dues, health care costs, property taxes, etc. When we work with our clients, we work to ensure the best possible outcome for them and their children.

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