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A DUI conviction can seriously impact your reputation and complicate your life. If you have been charged with a DUI, you may think that your case is hopeless. If a blood test or BAC test showed that you exceeded the legal limit, is there anything you can do? A lot of factors can affect the reliability of these tests.

At Camarata & Fuller, LLP, our DUI lawyers in Temecula research and assess cases as a team. We work together to come up with an aggressive and results-driven strategy. Our team has handled thousands of cases from negotiations to court trials. With a former prosecutor on our side, we know the law from both sides and can build a defense strategy that anticipates the prosecution’s argument.

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The Basics of DUI in California

DUI stands for driving under the influence. If you are found operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you will be given a breathalyzer test to determine your blood-alcohol content (BAC).

What BAC is needed to be Charged with a DUI in California

In California, it is illegal to drive with a BAC over 0.08%. Commercial drivers can be charged with a DUI if their BAC level is over 0.04%. Our state’s zero-tolerance policy declares that anyone under 21 can be arrested for a DUI if they have a BAC over 0.01%. It is illegal to refuse a breathalyzer test after you have been arrested according to the California "implied consent" laws.

DUI Defenses

Just because you were arrested for a DUI does not mean your case is over. You have the right to an attorney and a fair trial and you are innocent until proven guilty.

Some common DUI defenses we may incorporate include:

  • The breathalyzer test was faulty due to misuse, poor maintenance, or external factors
  • Your BAC level was influenced by certain foods or prescribed medications
  • GERD, hiatal hernia, or heartburn caused a false positive on your breathalyzer test
  • There was a lack of probable cause to stop your car or arrest you in the first place
  • You were not read your Miranda rights
  • You were drowsy, ill, or struggling with allergies and these symptoms were used against you to show intoxication
  • You were compelled to perform field sobriety tests and failed to pass them because of physical injury, mental instability, or other factors
  • Police misconduct

Every case is unique. We will want to sit down with you and discuss the details of your situation before deciding how to proceed. Our Temecula DUI lawyers are prepared to serve as your fierce advocate during this difficult time. We are accessible 24/7 and represent clients in Temecula, Murrieta, and the surrounding areas.

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