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Potential warning signs divorce could be in your future

Divorce is a scary word to utter or to hear your spouse say to you in Temecula. No one wants to admit that their marriage is failing and might not be reparable. If your relationship has been on the rocks recently, you should look for the warning signs associated with divorce that are discussed in today's post.

When you are no longer intimate with your spouse, there are some very deep issues with the marriage. Intimacy does not just refer to sex either. Couples that are intimate are able to talk to each other about their emotions, feelings, fears, goals and dreams.

Reasons to hire a Temecula criminal defense attorney

There is no worse feeling than being arrested and hit with criminal charges in Temecula, California. When your rights and your freedom are at stake, it's not the time to try your hand at the law. There are so many intricacies that you could be putting your freedom at risk. That's why it's best to have an experienced criminal defense attorney by your side. Here are some reasons as to why this is important.

A criminal defense attorney has experience arguing cases in front of the judges and against the prosecutors in your jurisdiction. This gives you an advantage over representing yourself. The attorney will know what it takes to negotiate a plea deal or even get the charges against you dropped or reduced.

Busted myths about busted youths

There are a lot of misconceptions about what happens when a minor is charged with a crime. If we were to believe what we see on TV crime dramas, minors would never face serious charges and always get by with a slap on the wrist.

The reality is much different. There are a lot of circumstances where a minor charged with a crime can still face serious consequences that will impact their future.

How you can use child support payments in California

Child support payments are an important part of life for those who have children but are not in a relationship with the other parent. These payments help parents care for their children on top of what they can provide from their own careers. If you have ever wondered what it is you can use child support payments for in California, you should read through today's post.

Child support payments are most commonly used for everyday necessities that a child needs. This includes food, clothing, shelter and more. When it comes to shelter, the parent receiving the payments can use them to pay monthly rent, mortgage or even daily hotel rates.

Selling or keeping the home in divorce: Which option is best?

As with most questions that arise during a divorce, no single answer exists regarding whether to sell or keep the family home. Instead, the topic may lead to many additional questions, which also need answers, before a divorcing couple can reach a decision. Looking at the issue with a realistic viewpoint and with a goal of finding a solution is beneficial in helping California couples choose the best option for their home.

During a consultation with a divorce lawyer, he or she will bring many issues regarding the home to your attention. This is enormously helpful because it may open your eyes to problems and solutions you and your spouse have not considered. The following section contains a few examples of the issues related to selling or keeping the home in a divorce.

How serious are criminal charges against your child?

It's essential to understand that any criminal charge against a person of any age requires immediate criminal defense. States like California no longer let offenses "slide" simply because the defendant is younger than 18 years of age. Further, even children as young as six or seven can end up entangled in the juvenile justice system, and this is something you want to avoid at all costs when possible.

Next, it is important to look at the nature of the charges your child is facing. If the charges involve assault, battery or weapons or violence of any kind, your juvenile will likely be treated harshly and may even be charged as an adult. If the charges center on petty theft, less serious misdemeanor charges may apply.

What should divorcing spouses know about spousal support?

If you have never had to experience a divorce, there is a good chance that you do not know what to expect. A first time divorce is one of the most emotionally devastating events a person can face. Unfortunately, the enhanced emotional turmoil combined with inexperience can lead to many mistakes, some of which can affect your financial situation.

For example, if you have been married for several years without your own income, your finances could be unstable at the time of divorce. Because you may be coping with emotional trauma over the end of your marriage, money and self-support might be the last things on your mind. Does this sound like you? Then you need to learn as much as possible about spousal support (alimony). Below are a few basic, but important, alimony points.

Protect your divorce assets: California's community property laws

In the time since your marriage began you have no doubt accumulated a considerable number of new assets, like a new family home, vehicles or a business you’ve built together. Now, with your marriage coming to a close, how to settle your high asset divorce is as confusing as it is stressful. Everything you have accumulated while married will need to be sorted and divided evenly; this is the time to be thinking about protecting yourself and preparing for your best future.

Situations in which your prenup may be invalid

At one time, it was widely believed that prenuptial agreements were only for the wealthy. Now that we all know otherwise, many modern California couples take advantage of prenups to address the family assets and to protect the interests of children.

Although you may feel secure about your prenup if divorce is on the table, it is important to understand why a court might render it invalid. Our attorneys always stress to our clients that a prenuptial agreement is a legally binding document. This means that if the agreement is properly drafted and within the confines of family law, both parties must abide by the document.

Jury deadlocked on key charges in fatal DUI accident case

Some criminal defense cases appear cut and dried on the surface, but often, underlying issues exist that complicate matters for the court. A recent trial centered on a fatal California car/pedestrian accident is one of these more complex defense cases.

The San Diego accident occurred in 2016, resulting in the death of a 41-year-old father and Lyft driver. According to reports, the Lyft driver was transporting three female passengers when one of them got sick. He stopped the car on the shoulder of a freeway and exited to help the sick woman.

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