Improve Your Family's Summer Break with These Child Custody Tips

Summer is just around the corner and your kids will soon be out of school and ready for vacation. In divorced families, summer vacation can be a time for stress instead of fun and relaxation. You may have a list of bonding activities you want to share with your kids, but chances are your spouse does, too.

Sharing child custody can be challenging in any situation, but summer break is often particularly difficult. The good news is that it is possible for you and your co-parent to enjoy plenty of bonding time with your children over the summer. A little cooperation combined with the following tips can help.

  1. Review your custody agreement before you make any travel plans. Compliance with your agreement is critical in fostering fairness for you, your kids and your co-parent. It will also help you avoid any legal issues that arise from violating a court order.
  2. Before summer break begins, plan a vacation schedule with your co-parent. This helps you avoid disputes about parenting time and relieves stress for everyone involved. Do not forget to seek approval for your schedule with the California family law court in charge of your case.
  3. If you and your co-parent have difficulty with face-to-face interactions, plan to make custody exchanges in a neutral location. Choosing a public location promotes civility and reduces anxiety for your children as well as for you.
  4. Finally, let your children communicate with their other parent during summer break whether you vacation locally or go on a trip. Texting, phone calls and online chats are all excellent tools for keeping the lines of communication open between children and parents.

If you feel your co-parent is violating your custody agreement, a family law court can help you get the matter settled. Remember, family law judges and lawyers always promote the best interests of children. One way they accomplish this is by giving parents more than one option for settling a legal dispute.

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