How You Can Use Child Support Payments in California

Child Support

Child support payments are an important part of life for those who have children but are not in a relationship with the other parent. These payments help parents care for their children on top of what they can provide from their own careers. If you have ever wondered what it is you can use child support payments for in California, you should read through today's post.

Child support payments are most commonly used for everyday necessities that a child needs. This includes food, clothing, shelter and more. When it comes to shelter, the parent receiving the payments can use them to pay monthly rent, mortgage or even daily hotel rates.

Child support is also used for a child's medical expenses. A child must be covered by some form of medical insurance, but there are always out-of-pocket costs. These out-of-pocket expenses can be paid for by child support.

If you need to send your child to before or after school care, you can pay for it using child support from the other parent of your child. This includes care provided at your child's school, at a day care facility or to pay an in-home babysitter.

There are other things you can pay for using child support. These additional items include transportation, books, after-school activities, sports, tutoring, music lessons and much more.

Now that you know what it is you can use child support payments for in California, you can begin applying the payments to necessary items. Don't be afraid to use the payments as you see fit when it comes to your children.

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