What You Need to Know About Move Away Requests


Divorce can spark several changes in the lives of both spouses and their family, especially if they share children. One cannot expect life to remain as it always was. It is likely that one or both parents might have to move away, which can stir up some issues regarding visitation and custody. How are you supposed to handle this complicated situation? First, you should hire skilled legal assistance to help you navigate the process of requesting to move away. Next, you should continue reading to learn more about what it takes to move away when you share children with your former spouse.

Key Factors Involved in a Relocation Request

When it comes to a relocation or move away request, the court considers several factors. It is not a decision that is made lightly since, above all, any decision that involves the children must serve their best interests. You will need to have a valid reason or reasons as to why a move would best serve your child.

Here are some of the reasons the court will consider a viable reason for relocation:

  • The relocation would allow you to be closer to extended members of your family
  • The relocation would allow you to pursue a better career or housing
  • The relocation would not affect the other parent’s ability to regularly visit the children

Other considerations include:

  • Maturity and age: In cases where a child is older and more mature, the judge might speak to the child to determine where he or she would prefer to live.
  • Distance between the old and new home: If the distance between the old and new home is negligible, it is likely the court will approve the move since it will not have much of an impact on the child’s life.
  • Quality of life: Even if the move is far, a request for relocation might still be granted if the court believes that it will greatly improve the life of the child and provide equal or better education.

Moreover, it will help your case if you have a plan in place, including which school your child would attend and how often the other parent would be able to see the child. Relocating parents might also want to consider permitting longer visits for the other parent, particularly if the area they are relocating to is considerably far.

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A whole host of changes can occur in a family’s life in the aftermath of a divorce. If you are considering a move and would like to file a relocation request, reach out to the legal team at Camarata & Fuller, LLP for the experienced help you need to navigate this process.

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