When Domestic Violence Complicates Your California Divorce

Unless someone has had close personal experience with domestic violence, it can be difficult to understand the issue. Violence, abuse and control frequently complicate nearly all aspects of the lives of those affected. This includes spouses and children as well as those who wanted to engage in violent or controlling behaviors.

When divorce is on the table, domestic violence often becomes an even larger and potentially more dangerous issue. In order for divorce attorneys to give clients the support and guidance they need, honest communication is critical, especially when domestic violence is present. While we understand that victims of abusive behaviors wish to avoid these discussions, we also know that such conversations can help keep you and your children safe.

Through experience, both professional and personal, divorce lawyers have developed effective ways to gather important information that may affect your divorce. One of these ways includes asking you open-ended questions to assess if you are at risk for harm. Examples of these questions include the following.

  • Does your spouse ever frighten you?
  • Do you feel your spouse keeps you isolated from family and friends?
  • Do you feel your home is a safe environment?
  • Is your access to money restricted in any way?

It is difficult to trust someone you barely know with your deepest secrets, but we cannot overstress the importance of being candid during your consultations. Answering these questions honestly and in detail provides you and your lawyer with clarity about your immediate environment. Armed with accurate information, your attorney is in the best position to guide you safely through your divorce. Please visit us online to learn more about divorce and family law.

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