Dealing with the Emotions of Divorce


When your spouse utters the word "divorce," a rash of emotions will go through your body. Maybe you knew it was coming and are relieved. Maybe you are utterly shocked and saddened or angry at the news. Either way, you need to prepare for what will come, and part of that is dealing with the emotions you're feeling.

Divorce can be a very difficult and sometimes traumatizing period in life. You need to give yourself time to heal. This might require you to take a break from work, school or life in general. Don't think you need to go on like business as usual. It's fine if you want to break down and cry.

Don't let your emotional and physical health take a hit because you are going through a divorce. Stick to your diet, eat healthily, exercise often and continue to participate in your regular daily activities.

Going through a divorce is hard. It also shouldn't be done alone. Talk to someone. It can help to talk to a family member or friend who has experienced divorce. You may want to speak with a therapist. The options are out there to get help.

This is easier said than done, but you need to have a positive attitude about your situation. The more you think positively, the less likely it is that you will struggle with the divorce on an emotional level.

Getting a divorce in California is never easy, even if your marriage was on the rocks for quite some time. Knowing that your spouse is ready to move on could be a relief, or it could be frightening. Find a way to deal with the emotions of divorce so you can push forward.

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