How to Tell Your Spouse That You Want a Divorce


Having a conversation about divorce with your spouse is never easy, even if you both knew the time was coming. It can be painful, emotional, hurtful, upsetting and overwhelming. You are coming to the realization that the marriage has failed and there are no other options left for you to try. Here are some tips for telling your spouse that you want a divorce.

For starters, the conversation about divorce should be held privately and not in front of your children or any other family members. This will only make things worse than they should be for the two of you and everyone else who witnesses it.

Be open and honest with your spouse as much as possible. Tell them when you knew the marriage was over and what went wrong. Don't place the blame on your spouse unless something obvious caused the divorce, such as if you know the spouse cheated on you.

If your spouse gets angry and upset with you it is to be expected. Don't yell or scream or try to reason with them. This will just make the discussion harder to bring to a conclusion.

Answer all of your spouse's questions kindly and without attitude. This will help calm things down and show your spouse your sincerity with the issue at hand. Let your spouse know you are willing to discuss the divorce as often as they'd like.

No one expects to be happy when having a conversation about divorce. That's why you need to broach the subject as lightly as possible, especially if you don't want to see your spouse hurt or surprised at what is being said.

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