How Should I Choose My Power of Attorney?


Talking about end-of-life issues is never easy, no matter how open and honest you are with yourself, your spouse or your children. No one wants to imagine life without you, which can make these conversations so difficult to have. One thing is certain, there will come a day when all of these conversations will be put to use. So, how do you choose a power of attorney in Temecula?

The person you choose to be your power of attorney needs to be someone who is comfortable speaking with doctors, attorneys, accountants and funeral home directors. They need to be able to ask questions, express your wishes and ensure that what you wanted is met to the letter.

Your choice also should be someone who is younger than you. When you pick a power of attorney who is older than you or the same age, you run the risk that this person will precede you in death, which will force you to choose someone else and go through the process of editing your estate documents.

As you work on finding the right person to be your power of attorney, you need to consider someone you can trust. The person needs to know you, have a relationship with you and be trusted to carry out your wishes as they are documented in your estate plans.

As you prepare for the inevitable, you need to choose a trusted person who can serve as your power of attorney in California. Once you make the choice, be sure you have a discussion with the person and find out if he or she is willing to serve in that capacity.

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