Potential Warning Signs Divorce Could Be in Your Future


Divorce is a scary word to utter or to hear your spouse say to you in Temecula. No one wants to admit that their marriage is failing and might not be reparable. If your relationship has been on the rocks recently, you should look for the warning signs associated with divorce that are discussed in today's post.

When you are no longer intimate with your spouse, there are some very deep issues with the marriage. Intimacy does not just refer to sex either. Couples that are intimate are able to talk to each other about their emotions, feelings, fears, goals and dreams.

Do you stay late at work to simply avoid going home? Do you run errands after work instead of going home to see your spouse? These are signs that you don't like to interact with your spouse when you know he or she is at home. This could have a deeper meaning to it than just taking care of errands after work.

Couples that don't go out together could be headed for a divorce in California. If the spouses spend what should be date night with their own group of friends, this can be a problem, especially if there hasn't been a date night with just the two spouses in quite a while.

If your spouse has changed his or her mind regarding starting a family, this can very well lead to a divorce. Most couples discuss having children prior to getting married. If this has changed since getting married, it could lead to the end of the marriage.

If your relationship has exhibited any of the warning signs in this post, it could mean that divorce is in your future. There's no guarantee that divorce will occur, but these signs are the most common ones associated with couples who file for divorce in California.

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